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Could someone please explain to me why people are still trotting out the "Bush is dumb" line?

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NEW YORK (AP) – Why did it take so long for the Bush and Kerry campaigns to agree on a debate schedule? Sen. John Kerry had the answer for television's Regis Philbin, who has hosted the quiz show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

“The big hang-up was George Bush wanted to get life lines, you know, so he could call somebody,” the Democratic candidate for president quipped Tuesday while appearing on “Live With Regis and Kelly.”

Bush has yet to lose a debate, in part because of the expectations game. Set the bar low enough, and it's easy to look like a winner. Sure, Kerry got a good laugh from Regis & Kelly, but he also did Karl Rove a favor by helping move the bar a notch or two lower.

I've seen that attitude a lot in the past four years, and I've never bought it. The man flew jet fighters, owned a professional baseball team, and aquired an MBA from freaking Harvard. All of those things, especially the last, take brains. You may not like him, but you're a fool to honestly believe that “A village in Texas has lost its idiot.” Do that, and you'll only make Karl Rove's job that much easier.

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