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New iTrip for my iPod.

I was in my local Apple Store last night as part of my quest to make my Mac talk to my BlackBerry that I have from work. I've got one of the BlackBerry models that has a serial cradle, so I'm looking for a serial – USB adapter that the PocketMac software works with. I've tried using a Palm-branded one that I already had, but no go. It looks like I'm going to have to have a Keyspan USB-Serial adapter, hence my trip to the Apple Store.

To make a long story short, (Too late – ed.) nobody had it at Montgomery Mall, including the Apple Store. CompUSA was universally recommended as my next stop. However, while I was at the Apple Store, I decided to look over the clearance table. I saw an older Griffin iTrip marked down to $14.95 and thought “That's a good deal, shame it doesn't work with mine,” when I saw the one that worked with mine right next to it. Also marked down to $14.95. $20 off the retail. Last one.

Needless to say, that iTrip is now parked on top of my iPod. Whoo hooo! Even more lucky, the default frequency for the iTrip (FM 87.9) is not being used in the Washington area, so I didn't even have to configure it. It just worked right out of the box.

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