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The troops are coming home. Good.

After sixty years of troops being stationed in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Korea, some 70,000 uniformed personnel along with 100,000 dependents are scheduled to come back to the continental United States over the next decade. Half the bases in Germany are scheduled to be closed. The other half will be hosting smaller forces. Most of the remaining forces in Europe are being shifted off to newer NATO allies in Eastern Europe, who are happy to see the Americans (and their money) moving in next door.

Good. This is a “Bring 'em home!” move I can get behind, and one that I think was long overdue. The Cold War has been over for better than a decade and using our troops to protect Western Europe no longer represents a compelling strategic interest for the U.S. The bar girls in Tongduchon and Toko-ri are going to be weeping bitter tears along with the German merchants who relied on GI trade and the German farmers who relied on US maneuver damage compensation. But the armed forces, the nation, and our alliances are going to be much better off with the new arrangements.

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