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I’m trying to come up with a good way to describe WWDC, other than “Good God, there’s a lot of PowerBooks here,” and failing miserably. So I’m going to go with that.

Almost everyone here at WWDC has a laptop. 99% of them are Apple PowerBooks, with a few people using Dell or IBM laptops. There’s tons of hookups too, both for power and internet. People line the halls, mob the community areas, hunt along the walls, all in search of the almighty AC wall outlet. If you can’t find a wired network connection, there’s always wireless. But power. Everybody needs it and nobody has enough juice to last the whole day without recharging at some point.

Wireless connectivity is another issue. Just about everyone here has a wireless card in their laptop, because in the session halls, that’s the only way to stay online. The wireless system’s been pretty good too, considering there’s about three thousand people here who are jumping on and off at random intervals. Speed mainly sucks while we’re in the sessions, but that’s to be expected when 200 people all try to get on to the same access point (there’s only one per room, with two wireless cards in each.)

The sessions are really good too, once they get past the initial session where they aquaint everyone with the general state of the technology under discussion. The question and answer time following the sessions are also pretty good. I can’t go into details about the sessions, other than to say that I’ve gotten some *really* good ideas, because the Great Fruit has a warning at the beginning of the session saying that the sessions are confidential. Besides, most of it’s very geeky and frankly, stuff that makes me go squee puts other people to sleep or results in them smiling at me with that tolerant expression as I go off in a torrent of geek speak. I’ll spare you. My team, on the other hand, will not be so lucky. 😉

I also did something today that I rarely do: I impulse bought something. One of the problems I normally have is keeping track of my various computer tools. I’ve lost entire toolkits. So what I bought was actually pretty practical, but still it was a rare experience for me.

More later.

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