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Buying a house.

I’ve been offline quite a while with my blogging. Part of the reason is because work’s been crazy, but another part is that I’m working on buying a house. Not just any house, mind, but a fabulous two story, three bedroom, three and a half bath, full basement, backyard, a-room-that-I-can-convert-to-a-server-room-oh-frabjous-joy! house.

All for the low-low price of “Good God, this would be unthinkably expensive where I used to live! Then again, this is the DC suburbs. Whatta deal!” Yeah, it’s more than I’ve ever paid for anything, including the previous house in Philly. But for DC, it’s darn near miraculous for what what I’m getting.

Closing is tomorrow night at seven. Hopefully, nothing happens at the last minute to screw up the deal.

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