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Good friends, political opponents.

I was perusing my iChat list when I saw that one of my friends, a former Deaniac, now has his icon sporting a John Kerry campaign sign. He occasionally sends me mass-missives (I’ll not call them spams) where he tries to get me and other of his friends to help support a variety of liberal causes. I haven’t agreed with a single one of them. Not the call for Dean donations. Not the call to boycott companies who aired ads during the Super Bowl because CBS wouldn’t air MoveOn.org’s ad. Not the recent message to sign a petition at MoveOn.org calling for a transfer of authority over Iraq to the UN. Not one.

And that’s fine. I send him a long email in response detailing why I think he’s wrong, he sends one back rebutting, and if I’m juiced enough, I’ll send one back elaborating my position. And so and so forth. Poor man even mentioned that he thought I should know better about certain positions, as I have a history degree and follow current events. It woke my Inner Pedant, and he got a *very* long email. Still friends though. We both recognize that our politics will never agree, but we’ll never get nasty with each other. Makes you wonder why more people can’t be that way?

In case anyone’s wondering, my current political leanings are just about perfectly summed up by this group: The Truman National Security Project

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