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Small details, small details.

I’m a big fan of Apple’s web browser Safari, but there was one thing it was missing: a print button. I found out today that you can actually set up a bookmark that calls a simple javascript that allows you to print. Here’s how it works:

Just hightlight the text below and drag it up to the bookmarks bar in Safari. When you drop it, Safari will ask you to name the bookmark – say “Print” or whatever else suits your fancy. The next time you need to print in Safari, just click the bookmark and you’ll be presented with a print window.


As an added bonus, for those of you who use .Mac and iSync to synchronize your bookmarks between machines, you’ll get the same functionality added to all your copies of Safari the next time you sync.

Another small detail that I recently picked up on is found on the 2004 US nickel. If you take a look at the back, Monticello is no longer in the house. Instead, there’s an engraving of clasped hands celebrating the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase in 1804, arguably the greatest real estate deal that the United States ever entered into.

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