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I've come to the conclusion….

That if you want to read about my life, don’t read this blog. Read somebody else’s, like La’s or Jords. Seriously. I haven’t talked about myself since Valentine’s Day. has a theory that it’s because I put myself last when it’s a choice between myself and somebody I care about. Or in this blog’s case, an issue I care about.

But I digress, and will proceed to talk about myself now. I went to the Dr. today, a good one that recommended, to have a general physical done and have my incipient sleep apnea taken a look at. (For those not familiar with sleep apnea, my symptoms are godawful snoring combined with occasional momentary cessation of breathing. It’s the cessation of breathing that worries me.)

The verdict, pending my blood work, is that I am (amazingly enough) in pretty good health. My EKG came back normal. My blood pressure was 120/90, which is getting towards the high end of normal. I got the “You need to lose weight” lecture along with the “New girlfriend? Bet she’s why you’re eating better, and also why you’re at the doctor for the first time in God only knows how long” conversation. It’s true, all true. I also am now pretty confused as to exactly how much I weigh, as I was weighed on one scale where I was within 5lbs. of my guessed body weight. However, that scale refused to give an exact weight, so they dragged me off to another where I weighed an amazing 40 additional pounds over my guessed body weight. I’ll settle it to my own satisfaction at the gym tonight, as I am not “, the living boulder.” God only knows how they marked it down on my chart.

Upshot is that I have a prescription for athlete’s foot salve, and a generally clean bill of health. Yay!

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