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*shaking head* A multicultural Chinese buffet?

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Sometimes, I run across something that just makes me shake my head. Today was a case in point. Before I start though, I’m going to give some background on my thing on Chinese buffets.

Everywhere I’ve lived since college, I’ve tried to find a good Chinese buffet. If they make vegetable mei fun as a bonus, I’m theirs. I had the Golden Palace Buffet in Pittsburgh (though note the line in the review “The Golden Palace has plenty of vegetarian dishes to choose from as well, so if meat is something you don’t eat, don’t worry.” Yeah, don’t eat the meat. It’s not always clear if it’s the meat that it’s advertised as being. Did I mention the vegetable mei fun?) In Philadelphia, I had the Win Buffet, which was OK but not something I would have run miles for. In Knoxville, I wasn’t there really long enough and I was on the Atkins diet most of the time (in other words, vegetable mei fun was off the menu.) In Germantown, MD, there’s nothing. I had to go up to Frederick to find one, the New China Buffet.

Now that that’s out of the way, back to the thing that made me shake my head. Since coming to the DC metro area, I’ve come across a few instances of the mixed buffet, where you might have pepper beef sitting right next to lasagna and Swedish meatballs. It’s quite bizzare, but generally pretty small and salad-bar like in terms of size. This Sunday, I walked in the New China Buffet at noon to discover that they’d decided to have a Chinese-Mexican-breakfast-seafood brunch. There was a taco bar, waffles and scrambled eggs, fried clam strips and potato wedges, and the usual Chinese. On the principle that there was a reason that God had put such wide continental and oceanic separation between tacos with hot sauce and sweet-and-sour chicken, I had some honey chicken, egg drop soup and mei fun.

I think the thing that got me the most: the waffles. *shaking head*

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