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An anniversary passed me by without my even noticing…..

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Not mine and La’s, needless to say, but oddly enough, it was the same day. Out of curiosity, I checked my SETI@Home stats to see if Larry still had my old workstation up and running at the Former Workplace and noticed two things. 1. He hadn’t turned it off until fairly recently, as it was still reporting results as of December 15th (he may have turned it off after that date) and 2. that I’d had a machine running SETI@Home for over three years now. Even more scary, I’ve had the same machine running SETI@Home for over three years: a beige 333MHz G3 minitower that is/was ensconced in the network room of Former Workplace. Considering that I haven’t set foot in the place since September of 2002, that’s pretty cool.

Relevant details from the SETI@Home site:
Results Received

Total CPU Time
2.596 years

Average CPU Time per work unit
39 hr 28 min 44.5 sec

Average results received per day

Last result returned:
Mon Dec 15 18:03:20 2003 UTC

Registered on:
Mon Dec 11 20:53:17 2000 UTC

SETI@home user for:
3.078 years

Your rank: (based on current workunits received)

Your rank out of 4827612 total users is:
319976th place.

The number of users who have this rank:

You have completed more work units than
93.364% of our users.

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