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That was, in general, the message that I got loud and clear from over the holidays while we were home. Today’s a quiet day (thank God), so I’m updating. Fortunately for you, gentle reader, I have a plethora of material.

First of all, the Christmas haul. I got, once again, my favorite Christmas gift in the whole wide world: My family and friends. Before I hear the retching sounds, I’ll just say this. When I went to the Storybook Home to see the Parental Units on Christmas Eve, I was beaten, weary, and about *this* far from chucking it all and moving to a monastery in Madagascar. (Madagascar? Why Madagascar? -ed. I like alliteration.) After two solid days of not paying any attention to my Blackberry, or indeed email at all, I felt much better. I felt even better when La was able to come up for Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday to the Storybook Home and spend time with me and the Parentals and meet . I also was fortunate to receive some really nice gifts from everyone, especially La. I love this woman. Flat adore.

A random scattering of gifts received:

1. A Braun Synchro 7526 self-cleaning (God knows I needed this part especially!) razor
2. The Reduced Shakespeare Company doing The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) – oh, so happy! Adam Long in my living room! No more having to spend boatloads of money jetting to London to get my fix!
3. A reproduction poster for Fritz Lang’s masterpiece Metropolis
4. Socks and underwear – Believe it or not, I ask for this every year. I’m never disappointed.

On other topics, I actually had some time to catch up on the Presidential race. Two stories struck me as hysterical, though one was more inadvertent comedy than anything else.

First is from Money line about Joe Lieberman (and I like Lieberman, for the record) that made me nearly snarf the morning Diet Coke: “We only have to be worried if, at the Democratic Convention, he announces the creation of a Grand Army of the Republic and that, contrary to spy reports, the Fleet Center is a fully armed and operational Battle Station.“

The second just makes me feel sorry for John Kerry. The picture there’s worth….well, it was worth me laughing myself silly in the bathroom this morning: Those of you who want to skip the story and go straight to the picture can see it here.

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