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Oh frabjous joy!

I went to the Washington Apple Pi Garage Sale today with about forty dollars. Good Lord, did I walk away with a lot of stuff.

By far, my most amazing purchase of the day was Timm for $25. Timm’s an integrated TV/20″ VGA monitor and video monitor. When it first sold in 1997, it went for about $900. For $25, I wasn’t even sure if it worked. I got it home though, and hooked it up. Not only does it work fabulously as a TV, but it’s got fabulous stereo sound.

Other things I aquired include:

1. A Linksys 4-port Cable/DSL router – traded the seller a Lucent WaveLAN Silver card for his Wallstreet. We both walked away happy.

2. Two Kick-Off automatic crash detection and recovery devices.

3. An Asante 10/100 ethernet card

4. An Apple QuickTake 150 digital camera complete with software, serial cable and macro lens.

5. A Connectix webcam

So happy. And all for roundabout $40.

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