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An apology to my gentle readers.

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You may have noticed that about a month or so back, what had been a stream of (fairly) steady blogging has since turned into a trickle, when it hasn’t been shut off entirely. I’ve been busy, with family, with work and with a new girlfriend. Since all of these are news and today seems (at the moment) pretty dead, I’m writing about them now.

Family: If you read ‘s LJ, you know Storybook Mom’s been in for surgery on her knee. She came through it fine, is wheeling around in the hospital like a speed demon and is scheduled to be discharged on Saturday. My job is to pick her up, which led to an interesting conversation with on Thursday where she derided my Vast Psychic Powers.

Abbreviated retelling:
Jords: “Can you come home on Friday?”
Me: (I’ve just spent three late nights in a row at work. At the time of the call, I’m in a server room and have just gotten done telling my sister about my goofs and how I fixed them) “No, but I’ll be home on time Saturday. When’s she being discharged?”
Jords: “At 10, but you just got home at 10 last weekend. I’m worried that Mom’ll just be stuck in the parking lot waiting for you to show.”
Me: “I’ll be home. This time, there won’t be an accident that delays me like last weekend.”
Jords: “How do you know?”
Me: “My Vast Psychic Powers!”
Jords: “Uh huh. Why didn’t you use them earlier tonight? Probably could have saved yourself some trouble.”
Me: “Ummm…..”

Upshot is that I will be home on time to get Mom. I just will. I’ll also be at my parents every weekend until probably the end of November. That’s my job, I’m the son.

Girlfriend: I’ve been seeing someone that I adore. Flat adore. No disguising it, I’ve turned into the King of Sap where La’s concerned. Which is OK, considering she’s the Queen of Sap where I’m concerned. Together, we reign supreme over Sapland, where the Us is the important concern. (waves at La). She’s generally Wonderful, specifically Delightful, and I hope she never stops seeing whatever the hell it is she sees in me, because it’s a mystery to me. She keeps telling me that it’s not a mystery to me, but it is, and I’m perfectly happy to leave it that way because fiddling with it might break it. Trust me here, I’ve broken more things by fiddling.

Work: Good God, it’s been busy. I’ve been confirmed as the Mac team lead here at NHGRI and I’m being moved to a new office off-campus to take more of the duties of a project manager. I’m still going to be on campus at least one day a week, but I won’t be running calls anymore. I guess I’ve been doing a good job with my team, in that when it was announced that I was being moved off campus, my team looked upset rather than happy. On the plus side, I’ve got a lot of ideas that I want to test out and now I’ll have the opportunity to do it, since I won’t be dividing my time between running calls and doing planning and administrative duties.

That’s basically all the news that’s fit to print. Tonight, La’s coming over, so we can carve the pumpkins we bought last night from Safeway. Hopefully, I’ll write some more tonight.

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