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Maize maze!

October 13, 2003 Leave a comment

La and I (I’ve started going out with someone very special since my last journal entries) went out and about yesterday, to go antiqueing in Ellicott, MD and out to Thurmont, MD for a maize maze. What’s a maize maze, you ask? It’s acres and acres of corn that have had paths cut through in patterns to make a maze. You go at night, and you bring a flashlight along with old shoes because it’s muddy. Or, if you’re uber-prepared (and have plenty of stuff left over from Hurricane Isabel) you bring:

Three flashlights
Two four packs of Double-A batteries
Two bottles of water.
A bag of dried apricots
A bag of Swiss trail mix
Four glow sticks
A casual disregard for the map (We don’t need no steenking map!)

Before actually tackling the maze, I discovered the Pumpkin Gun and played artillerist with La for a few shots. We hit one of the targets with a satisfying *thwack!* in two out of three shots, which was darn good considering how hard it was to actually aim the gun and compensate for fairly irregularly shaped ammunition. Afterwards, La and I tramped around the pumpkin and the turkey for a while, then came back out to try our hand at the Pumpkin Gun again. No luck this time, as we saw our shots (this time, watermelons) sailing either over the targets or falling far short.

In short, good times, good times.

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