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Know something? Weekends are good.

I actually accomplished a lot this weekend, beyond getting some sleep. I paid bills, cleaned up around the house, did some reading and watched The Italian Job in the theater again. I almost, but not quite had a private screening of the latter (some extra people showed up during the previews.)

Another thing was that I went to Target to pay my credit card bill for the furniture I bought from them last month and noticed they had their Halloween Store displays set up, so I went back and took a look around. I could have gone broke buying all the stuff I wanted, including a certain plasma globe in the shape of a skull (not really a globe then, eh? – ed. Close enough.) I do think Michaels had better stuff though, so I’ll probably shop there for my decorating needs. Since closet space is at a premium, I may just want to buy stuff that I can toss, but I’m still thinking about it. I mean, glowing plasma skull. Doesn’t that just scream “Year ’round table accessory”?

*listens to the dead silence, broken only by crickets chirping*

OK, maybe not. I’m going as Random Renaissance Guy for Halloween this year, as it’s the costume that keeps working year in and year out. The Man In Black costume was fairly cool, but I don’t want NIH Security to freak out about a toy gun. (They’ll freak out less because of a sword? -ed. Excellent point, that. Maybe I should go as Unarmed Random Renaissance Guy this year. Not everybody was as cool about me having an 18″ broadsword strapped to my hip as DMW was.) I may have to go shopping again at Chivalry Sports, but I’ll need to see if I can spare the money.

Moment of Zen

Bolshoi Theater Struggles with ‘Heavy’ Ballerina

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