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Things learned this week.

Ever had one of those days where the theme seems to be “You learn from your mistakes. You’re going to learn a lot today.”

That pretty much describes my week.

Lessons learned

1. If one of the guys who shows up to work early calls and tells you that it looks like the network for the whole building is down, ask two important questions. The first is “Are a lot of people calling about it?” and the second is “Has anybody checked the closet we’re plugged into?”

Asking those two questions can save you some mild embarassment later, when you say the problem is the router (which somebody else is supposed to fix) and it turns out to be the switch in the LAN closet (which is your responsibility.)

2. Remember which day it is. This can save you from collecting timesheets earlier than you were supposed to.

3. Remember to take your umbrella with you on a call if the forecast calls for “isolated thunderstorms”. Chances are, they aren’t so isolated.

Those were the biggies. Nothing terrible resulted, save feeling foolish. Foolish, I can live with.

Moment of Zen

French Offered Live-In Politicians for Reality TV

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