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Sometimes, it takes fever and nausea to make me post.

I just got back from a fun-filled weekend with at her posh command post high above Times Square. I took the train, a train that apparently had a gift for me: a extremely disgusting virus that made me wish I was dead around 5 this morning. Fear not, gentle reader, I’m feeling much better now.

I saw something quite cool this weekend: a New York street fair leading up to Times Square. There weren’t any rides, but dear God, there were hucksters. People selling everything from socks and underwear, to cell phone equipment, to knockoffs of Soviet-era pocket watches (which left me wondering “Why on earth would anyone be knocking-off that junk?”) Dad called while I was looking at some of the stuff on sale. One snippet I remember is talking to Dad about the socks and t-shirts:

Me: “Yeah, they’ve got socks for sale. Three pairs for ten bucks.”
Dad: “That’s a good deal” (Dad was a menswear manager and buyer for years. He qualifies as an expert on sock deals.)
Me: “They’ve also got t-shirts for sale. Six for ten bucks.”
Dad: “That’s not.”

What did I get from the plethora of merchandise? Two things: a cell phone earset with a long boom mike that reached down to my mouth, and a holster that fits my Treo. I tried the earset and thought it was junk, so I left it behind. Jords later called me and was using it and liked it. Shows what I know. My main problem was that I couldn’t hear anything with the earset unless I was in a really quiet place, which isn’t normally where I’m using a headset anyway.

What did I turn down? Massages (“Ten minutes for ten dollars!” “No thanks, I’m fairly mellow as is.”) Aforementioned Soviet knockoff watches (“How much?” “Thirty-five dollars, but for you, twenty-five.”) Dental tools. Windproof lighters. Socks. Che Guevara t-shirts (I was holding out for this one.) Last but not least, I also passed on the “night-vision” binoculars. (Once they make nights as bright as noon, these might work.)

Ah, New York. Untrammeled capitalism at its…..well, most untrammeled.

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