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It's not all gloom and doom and complaining.

Looking over my past two actual journal entries (I’m not counting the bear as a journal entry for this purpose,) the reader may conclude that, at this point, I’m miserable. I’m not, I just happened to write down the two small problems that I’d had the past two weeks. Here’s what went right.

1. I got a promotion – I’m an acting team lead now at work, which means I head up a team of Mac techs . If I do a good job, I get to keep the job.

2. I got some more frames to hang my new pictures that I brought back from my April vacation. This makes me extremely happy, because now I’ve gotten something I’ve always wanted: a Renaissance-era map of Europe hanging on the wall. I’ve also hung my copy of Quoting Shakespeare by Bernard Levin and reframed my copy of an architectural drawing of St, Paul’s Cathedral.

3. I got a weekend off. That’s right, I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything.

4. I got to talk with . That automatically makes me happy.

5. I’m catching up on my movies. I saw The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen yesterday and plan on seeing Pirates of the Carribbean today.

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