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Power to the people?

*shaking head* I just got off the phone with my power company about my electric bill, or rather my lack of one. I moved into my apartment around the beginning of June and have, as of yet, received no electric bill. In June, I figured that maybe I set up just past their billing cycle and I’d be picked up in July with a higher-than-normal bill. Yesterday, I checked my mail again for a nonexistent electric bill. At this point, I was starting to get worried that Allegheny Power had sent my bill somewhere wrong, was now marking me as past due, and was going to shut me off any minute now. So I called this morning. What I learned from the customer service guy reassured me that I was not in fact going to get shut off. Now I’ve got all new worries. Why? Well, apparently my account hasn’t been set up yet. That’s right, I’m getting power but not getting billed. Yet. The apartment complex is brand new and Allegheny is setting up a hundred or so accounts to for the new apartments. I was told that I’d be getting a bill in August, when they began reading the meters. When I asked “So, am I going to get a $200 bill or something in August?” I was assured that, in that event, Allegheny Power would work with me to spread it out. Based on the fun I’ve had with them so far in first setting up my electric service and now my vain attempts to get billed, I am far from reassured.

I do have one good thing to say about Allegheny: the customer service people have been unfailingly polite, knowledgeable and helpful when I called up with my concerns. Which is good, because otherwise I’d really be scared.

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