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Went home to fix a remote control.

July 14, 2003 Leave a comment

I love my mother, and I love my grandfather. I just wish that they didn't think I was a Mechanical Genius, because then they wouldn't call on me when Paw-Paw's remote stops controlling the TV and he can't get his cowboy movie. I'm only two hours away, of course I'd love to spend my weekend (when I should be sorting and unpacking all the stuff I brought back from Tennessee) at my grandfather's retirement home fixing his Comcast Digital Cable. When he's moving to Kentucky. The next weekend.

I probably sound bitter. I'm not. It's just that I'd looked forward to a quiet weekend not going anywhere, taking care of my stuff. Instead, I got to spend Saturday morning at the car place (My front passenger wheel had been knocked out of alignment driving home Friday night) then driving to the Parentals home to fix a problem that I could have fixed over the phone if either my mother or my grandfather was in the least inclined towards solving minor electronic problems on their own. Or, wild idea, a problem that Comcast should have fixed!

Ah well. I fixed it. Hopefully, it stays fixed. I left behind a guide to what I did in case it happens again.

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