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Listening to C-SPAN in the morning.

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Since moving to the DC area, I've become a C-SPAN radio junkie. Not C-SPAN on TV, mind, but the radio station. I think it has to do with the fact that C-SPAN radio can't just show vote talleys on the floor of the House and Senate while Muzak plays, they actually have to fill the space with words. So they fill it with it people talking at meetings, current events, historical recordings and so on. Most of the time I just listen, sometimes I just stare at the radio like I'd stare at anyone who's blithely letting blithering idiocy trip off their tongue, and sometimes I talk back at the radio (sometimes talking at an elevated volume.)

The reason that I'm mentioning this is that C-SPAN has a morning call-in show where people call in about the question of the day the show has. To make my own political opinions clearer, I consider myself an independent centrist who is in general a fiscal conservative. I think Bush's foreign policy has been, by and large, good for the country. I think his domestic policies (especially his financial ones) are, by and large, bad for the country. I normally vote based on my considerations of domestic policy.

Keeping that in mind, it wasn't really a surprise that I was staring bug-eyed at my radio a lot this morning, as I do most mornings. It didn't seem to matter who called in, by the end of the call, I'd pretty much relegated them to the lazy-thinking, overgeneralizing, looney bin. Most of the (I presume) Democratic callers were frothing at the mouth about Bush and what an evil man he is. Most of the (I presume) Republican callers were politely praising Bush and would get me to the point of “Maybe this one'll have a working brain cell” before ruining it by then ranting on about some variety of “liberals as freedom-hating, statist totalitarians.” Both sides repeated myths as fact, almost never talked about what the actual question of the day was and didn't let facts get in the way of what they knew was the truth. Mainly what worries me is about these people is that their votes count just as much as mine do.

On the other hand, they probably cancel each other out at the polls. Matter, meet antimatter. *POOF!*

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