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On the road, heading for Jords.

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has demanded (that's right, demanded) that I post. Just for her, I interrupted my travels to see her to stay in one of the few hotels in the I-81 corridor that has free high speed internet access, and post. Yup. I'm a saint.

What? I'm not?

[ignoring the looks people are giving me]

At any rate, I'm going to see Jords this fine Independence Day weekend. Yay! Time with Jords! We're going to do stuff together (seeing T3 is on the list) and I'm going to torture the cat by rubbing her tummy until she can take no more. I have to do that. Dad said so.

For now though, it's time to head to bed. Until tomorrow, I bid you all adieu. Before I go though, I'd just like to say that I think it's darn decent of the hotel I'm staying at to provide free broadband for their guests, so I'm going to plug them.

Jameson Inn
1881 Evelyn Byrd Ave.
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

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