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I am Canadian?

You are: 80% or 90% Canadian!!

Wow, you’ve got it all, kid! You’ve lived here all you’re life, you know what hockey is, (and probably who every player on the Toronto Maple Leafs is), you’ve eaten a beaver tail, and you’ve seen “Talking to Americans”! There’s not much more Canadian you can be!

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How Canadian are YOU?” Quiz
by Daestwen

Put this test in your live journal/dead journal/blog:

Never been more frightened of myself in my entire life. To think, all this time, I was 80 – 90% Canadian. What’s next? A manic fascination with Kids in the Hall? Joining the Colin Mochrie Fan Club? Putting mayo on my fries? Horrors! [1]

[1] For the humor-impaired, this was sarcasm. I like Canada and Canadians. I’d go so far as to say that I can envision nobody else occupying the northern third of North America that I like more. Except the Americans living in Alaska, of course.

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