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Must See TV.

Normally, I’d leave this for the moment of zen, but this is funny enough that I thought I’d post it in its entirety.

Hard Porn Interrupts TV Documentary
Thu Jun 19, 9:52 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters) – German viewers of a TV documentary on the human body got more detail than they bargained for when the program was interrupted by scenes of hardcore sex, a cable channel said on Thursday.

Scores of outraged science fans called XXP TV to complain after an episode from the BBC’s “Superhuman” series examining respiratory disorders was replaced by images of group sex from the Spice Platinum channel involving one man and several women.

Monika Weitkamp of the Berlin-based documentary channel said the cable carriers had mixed up the feeds. The voiceover for the documentary, dubbed into German, continued during the pornographic interlude.

“A lot of people watching it with their kids called up in a rage to complain. They’d probably never seen anything like it in their lives,” she said.


I think my favorite part of the story has to be that the documentary voiceover discussing respiratory disorders continued during the group sex scene. Depending on what it was saying, it could have even gone with the scene.

Moment of Zen

Sex Shop Chain Wins Fight Over Job Ads

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