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Always have a script when doing your voicemail.

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I finally got my own phone today. Sort of. I was inheriting a phone extension from our team lead, who now doesn’t have a phone (long story). So I was recording my messages and was quite glad that I was able to re-record the greetings. Why? Because I was producing such gems as these:

“Hi, you’ve reached [Flounder] at [number]. If you’re trying to reach [Team lead], he’s…[totally forgetting what I was going to say]…sh*t.”

I then went back and wrote a script.

After I got my greeting properly recorded, I then had to record the one for while I’m on the phone. “Hi, you’ve reached [Flounder] at [number]. I’m on the phone right now, but once I get off….”

Officemate starts laughing, I start laughing.

I then went back and wrote a script.

I did manage to say my name for the automated greeting without a script. Whoo hoo!

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Cell phone companies. Gah.

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I love my Treo. Love it. I must really love it because currently, I went through a large load of BS for it today. I hope it appreciates it.

Here's the situation: I just got told that I'm on call Friday. On call means that I'm on duty to get after-hours calls from this Friday until next Friday, and I can either get the calls going to my cell phone or my pager. I hate my pager (that's a story for another day) so I'd much rather get the calls going to my cell phone. Meanwhile, I've been meaning to switch my plan because the one I currently have is for A) Tennessee and B) $84.12/month. Needless to say, option B's the main reason I want to switch.

So I call up Cingular, thinking they can reprogram the SIM card in my Treo with a new number. I mean, I've seen Cingular stores all over the place; surely there's coverage. Wrong. I'm deep in Cingular territory, but I'm on the wrong frequency. I'm using a GSM-only phone; this area's TDMA. Who had GSM and would work with my Treo? T-Mobile. I'd gone through this malarky a few years ago, back when I was switching from Cellular One to Voicestream. (I wound up getting a new phone, which was the Handspring Visor Phone with a shiny new Visor Edge with service from Voicestream.)Now I'm going through it again, and since Cellular One got bought out by Cingular and Voicestream turned into T-Mobile, I'm even getting to go through it with the same companies. Gah. Gah. Double-gah. To make it more fun, in order to get my Treo to work with T-Mobile, I'd have to get the unlock code from Cingular and cancel with them. Cingular will then charge me $150 for the privilege of cancelling with them. Meanwhile, T-Mobile will be charging me a signup fee. So, in an effort to save money, I'll actually be getting charged probably about $200. Or worse, I could cancel and get a new Treo from T-Mobile for an extra $400, and that's the reduced price after the rebate. All this to get a local freaking cell phone number.

That's when I had a brilliant idea. No matter what, most of the people who will be calling me on my Treo will be A) calling me long distance anyway, B) on a cell phone or C) both. (The luckless people who'd get charged long distance for what should be a local call can call my home phone.) In that case, why the heck switch my number? So, at least for the foreseeable future, I'm not. I called Cingular and had them switch my plan to the 350 minute Preferred Nation Plan for $39.99 (I've been using the 900 minute variety for $69.99, which with taxes and tags came out to $84.12) I still get my 5000 Night and Weekend minutes. According to Cingular, they're switching the network to GSM in (they say) November, so I'll check back in with them in late October.

Getting back to the issue that sparked all of this fun, I checked with the guy who sets up the phone forwarding and it shouldn't be a problem to forward the call to my cell phone, no matter where the number is set to. After making sure of that, I called Cingular and had them switch the plan.

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