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What's up with me and dropping my PowerBook?

Yup, I dropped it again. That makes it twice in two months. The damage wasn't as bad as last time and consequently much less pricy to fix (I need to replace the top and bottom plastic cases; time consuming to fix, but the parts aren't expensive.) One annoying thing that broke was two small plastic supports that held the trackpad's mouse button up, so now the mouse button presses down on the button inside that tells the PowerBook when I'm clicking. Consequently, the mouse button's now always being held down. *grumble* Fortunately I can hook up a USB mouse and set the PowerBook to ignore the trackpad while it's plugged in, so that's what I'm going to do while I'm waiting for the new parts to come in. Everything else seems OK, but I'll be giving everything a careful lookover when I swap the cases (since swapping the bottom case requires me to completely disassemble my PowerBook.)

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