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Wow, so that's what a normal social life's like.

I spent most of today hanging out with Honda, one of the techs from work. It's weird, I haven't hung out with someone (aside from Jords and Yess) in quite a while; I'd almost forgotten what it was like. We meandered around the Mall, and went into the Air & Space and Natural History Museums.

Observations from today:

You can make Hare Krishnas laugh when they ask how you deal with stress and you answer “Apathy.”

You can lose a lot of money to people wandering around asking for donations. (Best answer: “I've only got plastic.”)

The Hope Diamond looks smaller than I remembered it did.

Wow. The Air & Space Museum has a Soviet SS-20 ICBM parked in the lobby. Guess we really did win the Cold War.

You can go anywhere from Union Station. It's got the Metro, MARC and Amtrak, plus links to the airports. It's got a movie theater too; Honda and I saw “The Italian Job.” (Run, do not walk, to see it.)

That's about it. Time to head to bed; work tomorrow.

Moment of Zen

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