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Moved in…cable; check, phone; still no signal, internet; ON!

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Thanks to the aid of my illustrious best friend Yess and mother dearest, I am moved into my new apartment in beautiful scenic Germantown, MD. The digital cable's now working (the guy came today, rather than yesterday) as is the cable modem, so I'm back to (for me) the only way to fly: wireless highspeed internet.

I still have not gotten a TV yet. This isn't as much of a problem as I'd anticipated, as I've got the Apple TV/Video card installed in my Power Mac 6500 and now have the History Channel providing background noise. I do need a microwave though, and will be getting one this evening. I also need to get a new computer speakers and an ethernet hub or switch, as the power supplies on both of mine apparently bit the dust during the move. Mainly, I wish it would just stop raining, so I could go empty the car without worrying about my clothes getting wet and mildewy.

Update, 7:30PM: Got the microwave, vacuum cleaner, ethernet switch and a can opener. Thank God for Walmart.

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