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Exploding newspaper machines at NIH.

A newspaper machine, singular, if you want to get fussy about it. The first I knew about it came as I was walking back from Building 50 and heard this loud metallic-souding *THUD*. It scared me because I didn’t know what it was. Looking around, I didn’t see anybody running around screaming or carrying on, so I figured that it wasn’t anything (yet) to worry about.

When I got back to the office, I discovered an email informing everyone that the Medical Center Metro station was closed “until further notice.” Crap. I have no way home now. In subsequent emails, I learned that a suspicious package had been discovered and had been blown up. The rumor mill (as always, operating at speeds exceeding light) said that one of the guards had seen a package inside one of the newspaper machines and had immediately cleared the area. Once it was cleared, the bomb squad came in and blew the guts out of a Montgomery Journal newspaper machine……and the bag of garbage someone had stuffed in it. Once they reopened the Metro station at 5 (just in time for me to go home), I walked past the newspaper machine. It looked like a pirate ship had sailed by and sent a cannonball straight through it.

On the plus side, no bomb.

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