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Running into Mac users at Starbucks.

I just had an interesting encounter while I was at Starbucks using T-Mobile’s wireless internet. When I walked in, the guys in the corner were discussing iPods and getting a new G4 system to set up their band’s new recording system. Then the guy at the table over asked about my PowerBook. Turns out the guy just bought a new iBook (never had a Mac before.) Huh. It’s strange, how unrelated people can be related by something as prosaic as a computer. Then again, it is a Mac.

Also at Starbucks, I was browsing the Washington Post’s online edition and found this news item. All I have to say is that I feel for her parents. Mom thought I was bad, but I never posted a false threat on a cruise ship to cut short the cruise my family had been planning for two years, to get back to a significant other who ran up a $1500 collect phone bill calling from jail, got arrested for posting said false threat and then announced at the arraignment that I was pregnant (not that I could announce that I was pregnant, whatever the circumstance, but you know what I mean.) At this point, Kelley Marie Ferguson’s poor parents have hit the Nightmare Child Trifecta. I don’t blame them for (at the time of her arrest) saying that they’d refuse to post bail, assuming the judge offered it. (They must have changed their mind later, as Ferguson was released on $5,000 bail.) I’m surprised they agreed to have her under house arrest. If it was my kid, I’d ask for her to be put in solitary in Juvie Hall.

On the other hand, she’s probably right now getting the worst punishment that she can imagine. She’s always going to be known as “Idiot Cruise Ship Girl.” And everybody (on an international scale) now knows what a sniveling, selfish git she is. To add insult to injury, ten bucks says the boyfriend dumps her after this fiasco.

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