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Trade shows, and replenishing the pen collection.

There was a trade show in the first floor of Building 10, so I managed to stock up on free pens and handouts. Prizes of the day: a pen that writes in silver from the Epson table (it actually looks like pencil lead. I anticipate having fun messing with someone’s mind using this pen) as well as a copy of the Apple Solutions Guide for Spring 2003. It’s got all the specs for the products Apple’s currently selling, as well as info about that particular product. The section on the XServe’s was particularly good, as it covered how their RAID software worked. No T-shirts this time, more’s the pity.

On an unrelated note, much love to Jords. She remembered that today was the Parental Units’ anniversary (I thought it was tomorrow.) I also forgot to pass along that they wanted a rose bush. Darling Jords not only remembered, she got *two* rose bushes (one from each of us.) She rules, and I’m putting in a reminder into the PDA to sound an alarm for next year.

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