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Watching the rain from Starbucks

That's actually a misnomer, it's not raining. It should be. I've got my tall hot chocolate, I'm listening to good jazz (Ella Fitzgerald, if I'm not mistaken) and looking out onto a grey, wet scene. The only thing lacking at this point is the drumming of rain off of a metal roof for this to be a……not a perfect moment….a fitting moment. Actually, I'd need rain and the Cathedral of Learning outside the window. I always liked looking at the Cathedral best when it was raining or foggy. Preferably, I was somewhere indoors when I was watching said rainy and grey scene.

Today was another quiet day at work. Hopefully, it does get busier later this week. For right now though, the doldrums continue. I didn't pick up anything really worth mentioning in the news today. After so many top Iraqis being picked up, the fact that they got the only woman in Saddam's inner circle almost hit me as a non-event. It shouldn't though. Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash was known as “Mrs. Anthrax” and is one of Iraq's top biological weapons scientists. The fact that she's off the streets can only be viewed as A Good Thing. Of course, the ever-present irony is that she got her education (mostly) here in the United States. Ammash received a master of science in microbiology from Texas Woman's University, in Denton, Texas, and received an undergraduate degree from the University of Baghdad. She later spent four years at the University of Missouri-Columbia in pursuit of her doctorate in microbiology, which she received in December 1983.

I was (thankfully) able to stop myself from shopping online. (After you get the first couple paychecks! After!) It was hard though. After all, who could resist this?

OK. Maybe everybody else I know. Not the point. I'm quite proud of myself for not whipping out the already quite abused charge plate.

Moment of Zen:

Boldly going for worst Beatles cover

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