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One week down, years (hopefully) to go……

I'm sitting outside a Starbucks in Germantown, drinking a diet Pepsi and considering the week gone by. One word for it: dead. Honda (one of the techs I now work with) told me a couple of weeks ago it was nuts and they couldn't wait for me to show up to help. I checked my mental calendar; I'd been strolling around the Louvre when they were experiencing Maximum Pain. I didn't tell him that. No sense winding up a perfectly good week by winding up in the hospital, even if there are multiple doctors in the house.

Today, I accompanied Fett (another tech) on his rounds around Building 10. Building 10's the largest brick-and-mortar structure in the world. They started building it in 1947. It's still not done. It's like Stalin dared Truman to build the world's biggest, ugliest brick-red building to beat the Kremlin. It's part hospital, part research lab, part admin, and seemingly mostly a rat-in-a-maze experiment. For sheer surreal, it's tough to beat. It was pretty cool, though, seeing an enormous building where Macs mostly outnumbered the PCs.

I think I'm going to go see XMen 2 tonight, though I haven't decided yet. Once I get back to the hotel and unload my cares and burdens for the day, I'll decide then. Until then, here's your Moment of Zen.

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